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Are you in need of  affordable tree removal in Clearwater or the surrounding area? Although tree removal in Clearwater should be a last resort, the removal of one or more trees from your property can become necessary for a variety of reasons. Whether you need a tree removal in Clearwater, Largo, Dunedin, Oldsmar, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor 0r maybe you just need a trim? The best tree removal service in Cleawater, The Tree Feller, offers advice for FREE and often times can save a tree that doesn’t need to be removed.
If a tree becomes hazardous to ones safety or the safety of property, then it should be removed. The tree removal can be dangerous and a delicate operation that should be completed by trained tree professionals. Our passion and focus is solely on trees. I can assure you we do what is best for the health of your trees. With that in mind,  there are any number of reasons for a tree removal including:
  • Severe Storm Damage.
  • Many times the tree has become unhealthy, dead or is dying
  • Tree is growing too close to your property, encroaching on your home, business, utility line or other structures
  • Tree is leaning and posing a threat to your home or driveway.
  • Some trees can block your view, creating too much shade and hurt the growth of other plants or other trees on your property
  • Tree is just too large for where it is located and poses a risk to the property or safety of others.
  • The Tree Feller can help solve any one of these Clearwater tree service problems in a quick, professional manner. Call us today and put your worries to rest. 727-348-2768

How to prepare for your tree service appointment:

  1. Turn your sprinklers off 24hrs prior to your appointment time
  2. If you have pets please clean the area before we arrive
  3. Remove toys, cars and lawn ornaments from the work area
  4. Keep all pets and family members 100ft away from the work area

Upon completion of work:

  1. Please let us know if something looks out of place
  2. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about our work
  3. We will provide an invoice for services
  4. Please have payment ready (cash, check or cashiers check)
  5. Leave us a review, so others will be well informed of our work.
Tree on house in Clearwater FL
This was a Clearwater tree removal.Tree was laying on second story apartment complex roof when we got there.
Tree removal in Clearwater, Fl.
Another outstanding tree removal in Clearwater

Tree Removal Service in Clearwater, Fl.

The Tree Feller provides top quality and experience tree removal service in Clearwater, Dunedin, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Oldsmar, Largo and surrounding area. Trimming your trees and shrubs not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your home but also improves the tree’s overall health and well-being. It’s helpful to think of tree care as preventative maintenance. Trimming your trees and shrubs is an important issue that all homeowners should be aware of. A healthy tree increases in value with age by giving numerous benefits to your home.

  • Pruned and well-kept trees can increase the property value of your home and neighborhood.
  • Trimming and pruning your trees can reduce the risk of storm damage to your home.
  • Mature trees and landscaping can beautify your surroundings.
  • A healthy tree can help cleanse the air by absorbing such pollutants as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide.
  • A full and healthy tree can save energy by providing cooling shade from the summer’s heat.

Some of the things our customers tell us that they appreciate about are tree removal service...

  1. We answer the phone or return calls promptl
  2. We show up on time and if for some reason we are delayed..we call!
  3. All employees wear high visible shirts with our company name on them so you know who belongs there and who doesn’t and we conduct ourselves in a professional manner
  4. We go to GREAT lengths to ensure that your home and property is treated with the utmost respect. We protect adjoining landscape items or structures.   If by chance something is damaged it will be repaired or replaced before payment for services is expected, on that you have our word.
  5. We strive to never inconvenience your neighbors with blocked driveways, etc.
  6. You can expect us to always perform a cleanup after work is finished!                                    Some of  the things we do not do:
  7. We never play music on our jobsites.
  8. We never allow service personnel to go shirtless