The Tree Feller of Pinellas

Hello! My name is Mitch Feller, also known as “The Tree Feller”. I am a Pinellas county resident and father to 2 wonderful girls and husband to my beautiful wife. Before my life in tree service I served as a fire fighter with the Pinellas County fire department. It was a honor to be able to serve my community. In that time, I have seen the devastation Florida’s tropical storms and hurricanes can cause. I helped with the cleanup in the aftermath of some of the worst storms. In 1992, after Hurricane Andrew devastated Southern Florida, I took my first steps towards a career in the tree service industry. I am a certified arborist and can tell you almost anything about your trees. I like to think of myself as “the Lorax”

Our Passion – Service and Trees

Because tree care and serving our community is our passion, we feel it’s important to involve you in the process of your tree maintenance or removal. We want to match your expectations with the needs of your tree. It is our pleasure to inform you of all your options and to communicate with you to address any concerns. Our goal is your satisfaction in our work.

Mitch Feller
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Mitch Feller - The tree feller