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Are you looking for local tree service in Palm Harbor, FL?  The Tree Feller is a certified arborist in Palm Harbor and a tree service expert in Pinellas County. We are Pinellas county residents and have the best tree removal service in Palm Harbor. (Check out our reviews) Whether you are looking for tree removal, tree trimming, tree maintenance or other tree related services, you can contact us today. Why are we the best tree service in Palm Harbor and the surrounding area? All of our work adheres to the international society of arboriculture. We’re fully licensed and insured, arborist, plus you have the benefit of over 20 years’ experience working on your behalf. Owner is on every job and former fire fighter (so you know we take pride in our work). There is no payment required upfront, payment is made upon completion of the job and you are satisfied. We will take complete care of all your tree care needs.

You should have your trees inspected every so often to make sure they are safe and there is no structural or declining issues with them. If you feel your in need of tree service in Palm Harbor and want someone that will do the right thing for you and your trees, Call us. The Tree Feller of Pinellas is a local tree service company in Palm Harbor.

Tree Removal in Palm Harbor Florida

Just a reminder, tree removal in Palm Harbor or anywhere for that matter can be exceptionally dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Many people die every year in the United States attempting to cut down trees without the proper training or certification. Also, depending on where you live or what type of trees you are trying to cut down, it might be against the law without the proper permits in place. For larger tree removal or trimming, you will need specialty equipment and safety gear to do it properly. For this and many other reasons, it is foolish to try to do it on your own and you should hire a experienced tree removal company in Palm Harbor to do the job for you!

Some of the things our customers tell us that they appreciate about are tree removal service...

  • We answer the phone or return calls promptl
  • We show up on time and if for some reason we are delayed..we call!
  • All employees wear high visible shirts with our company name on them so you know who belongs there and who doesn’t and we conduct ourselves in a professional manner
  • We go to GREAT lengths to ensure that your home and property is treated with the utmost respect. We protect adjoining landscape items or structures.   If by chance something is damaged it will be repaired or replaced before payment for services is expected, on that you have our word.
  • We strive to never inconvenience your neighbors with blocked driveways, etc.
  • You can expect us to always perform a cleanup after work is finished!                                  
  •   Some of  the things we do not do:
  • We never play music on our jobsites.
  • We never allow service personnel to go shirtles
Tree removal service

Palm Harbor, Florida

Palm Harbor is located 35 km north of downtown St. Petersburg and west of Tampa. Just to the East of it is Oldsmar. It is a largely residential community with several concentrations of commerce. Downtown Palm Harbor, north of Tampa Road between U.S. Highway 19 Alternate and Omaha Street hosts many small shops and eateries along with a handful of historic buildings. U.S. Highway 19, a mile or two east of downtown, offers access to higher concentrations of commerce, with an array of national chain restaurants and retailers. One entrance to Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club, a nationally regarded golf course and home of the PGA’s Valspar Championship, is found on U.S. 19 just north of Alderman Road.